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Men will literally be cloned and then genetically enhanced into wild card super soldiers instead of going to therapy. Image source:

Another May 4th has come and gone, and new Star Wars content is here: The Bad Batch, baby! First introduced last year in The Clone Wars Season 7, the Bad Batch is a squad of modified clones who don’t follow orders but god damn it, they get the job done, Chief, so either fire them or quit busting their asses! They do this all while cosplaying as John Rambo, Clint Eastwood, DC’s Cyborg, Marvel’s Drax the…

Disclaimer: Photoshop refused to work for me as I wrote this piece. If at any point you think to yourself, “He should have Photoshopped this; it would have been so funny to see!,” just know that I agree and I’m very upset about it.

Baby Yoda continues his scheme to wipe out the Frog Lady-Frog Man bloodline. “Chapter 11: The Heiress” The Mandalorian, season 2, episode 3, Disney+, 03 Nov. 2020. Disney+,

If you read my previous piece on The Mandalorian S2E2, you know that my big hangup was that Baby Yoda’s horrifying snacking was played for laughs. Overall, I liked the episode, but I felt that there was a dip in quality. Episode 3, however… Well, Episode 3 really hit it on the head. If you’re a…

Pictured: A fucking goblin of a child, and I’m not calling him that because he’s green and wrinkly.

Okay, so Chapter 10 of The Mandalorian, titled The Passenger, released this week, adding another solid episode to this collection of space adventures. Written by Jon Favreau and directed by Peyton Reed, a guy who has become pretty serviceable at directing blockbuster-level scripts, it featured a fun mix of weirdly uncreative creatures, excellent action, great horror elements, and a running gag that paints one of our leads as a fucking menace. There, I said it. Baby Yoda is no longer cute. …

It’s no secret at this point that Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian is one of the only things keeping Star Wars alive. For years the franchise’s universe has felt incredibly small despite trying to become more grandiose in scope. It was supposed to be a new main trilogy with anthology films in between that really flesh out the universe, except they didn’t really do that. You ever wonder how the rebels got the Death Star plans? Well, here’s a film about that with a completely new cast of mostly charming characters aaaaaaaand they’re gone! Ever wonder how Han Solo did anything…

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