How The Bad Batch changed the way I watch Star Wars in about 30 seconds

Men will literally be cloned and then genetically enhanced into wild card super soldiers instead of going to therapy. Image source:
I sure hope that whatever news network exists in Star Wars had a full segment trying to figure out how exactly an attack by monks with colorful swords resulted in the Supreme Chancellor looking like a puss-filled raisin.
I’m all for the show recording as much original audio as possible for the sake of maintaining its own style and identity but fuck, using the original Palpatine audio was absolutely the only correct choice.
I have no doubt in my mind that Sheev would have rolled up to the Jedi Temple doing this shit had they not come to him first.
They were probably working on a whole EP until Dooku died they decided to disband the Sithy Boys out of respect. Source: Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones (2002)
A god damn rockstar, gone too soon, then brought back through cloning, then gone too soon again.



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Tony Persinger

Tony Persinger

Fan of pop culture and interested in how it affects us. We should write about what we love because someone out there shares your interest, no matter how niche.